The concept of sending our old parents to retirement homes has become common these days. People have started to send their parents to these places to live and bond with other people of their age and experience. Such homes help them spend their golden years with their new friends and acquaintances and help them in leading a stress-free life.  But these country retirement homes have both advantages and disadvantages and you can find some of them listed below.


Country Retirement Homes
Country Retirement Homes

1.A Stress-Free Life
Spending a life away from the city makes the elders feel stress free. They do not have to do as many daily works as in a city while they can also distance themselves from any family issues that increases their stress levels. These homes give them an opportunity to the older people to spend stress free years and give them their peace of mind as well.
2. Safety and Security
These country retirement homes provide adequate safety and security to the elders. They have many people staying there and hence, the required security provisions are in place for emergency situations such as ambulances etc.   This enhances their safety as compared to them living alone in a city home where no proper safety arrangements are available.
3. Companionship
Old age can be a lonely age because of the distances with different family members slowly increasing. Hence, one always looks for proper companionship in such an age to live a more cheerful life and not a lonely one. The country retirement homes have many people from different backgrounds living under one roof which facilitates companionship opportunities for the elders. 
4. Better Living Conditions
The old age homes have better living conditions that most of the homes. This is because they maintain a high degree of sanitation levels as the elders can be easily prone to many diseases. These conditions are so clean and safe that they are not found even in the city homes. This makes them a better place to spend your old age.
5. Better Medical Facilities Available
Due to the regular need of doctors and their services, the retirement homes have medical facilities readily available which makes them better suited to maintain the health of the elderly groups.  They can, also, be treated faster in case of emergencies.

Country Retirement Homes
Country Retirement Homes


1. Monetary Issues
The only source of income for old aged people is their pensions which sometimes become inadequate to pay their medical bills and regular medicinal expenses in country retirement homes. This is one factor why such homes are not opted for, as medicines are available in the cities as well.
2.  Limited Choices
There are limited choices when it comes to country retirement homes as not many homes have been set up in these areas as yet.   So, efforts to live a peaceful life in the countryside are still difficult as the choices are limited. Also, the centers have lesser room space, privacy and food menu options.
3. Depression
While some may take the prospect of living in an old age home positively, many won’t be able to do the same. They may start missing their relatives and their city life and not adapt to the country life so easily. In such cases, a person may be subjected to depression and staying at the retirement home will do more damage to them as compared to the related benefits.
4. Not willing to relocate
Some of the elders may not be willing to give up the happening city life to relocate to a peaceful country life. As a result, it may be difficult and sometimes, impossible to convince them to settle in the country.

In the above details, we have listed the various pros and cons of country retirement homes and you should take your decisions after taking into consideration all the related aspects.