Window blinds have fast taken over the market. Interior designers, Home decorators and home owners had been looking for something different and when blinds came in, a lot of people started opted for them. Now, seeing blinds in a house is as common as seeing curtains. This entire market trend shift from curtains to blinds has attracted more and more consumers towards this product. The fact that this product offers a wide variety of options is boon, but it is a bane for some first-time buyers as it’s confusing for them.


First time buyers are often wary of purchasing blinds since this is uncharted territory for them and there are a wide variety of options to choose from. They are unable pick the right designs and materials. To help you in your quest to purchase the perfect blinds for your client or for your house, we bring you a list of things to consider while purchasing blinds.

1. Size of the windows to be covered

Though this may seem like a small thing, but the size of the windows that need to be covered plays an important role in determining which blinds to use. A small window will require thinner blinds while a large window will require thicker blinds. This is not mandatory, but the design should suit the type of window. The material of the blinds is also decided on the basis of this. The colour and the texture of the blinds also take into consideration the size of the window which they have to cover.

2. The level of lighting you require

Different rooms of your house require different levels and type of lighting. There are different types of blinds which offer different levels of light penetration like translucent and opaque blinds. Based on what kind of lighting you need in the room in which you are putting them, the blinds should be chosen. The level of lighting is also affected by the region where you live. In hotter areas, an opaquer blind can bring out the same desired level of lighting that a more translucent blind will bring about in a cooler area. If you require a lower level of lighting an opaquer blind must be picked. If you require a higher level of lighting, a more translucent blind must be chosen.

3. Material of the blinds

The material of the blind is an important factor while picking blinds. It is affected by the climate of the region as well as the immediate vicinity of the region. If the blind is to be put in a bathroom, don’t opt for wooden or cloth-based blinds since fungus may grow on them. Instead, opt for plastic or aluminium blinds. Similarly, in places such as the living the room where you need a rustic look, you may opt for wooden ones since their immediate vicinity isn’t full of moisture. In humid climates, it is better to opt for plastic or aluminium blinds since they don’t catch fungus easily.

4. Decor

The planned decor of the house in which the blinds are to be put, greatly affects the choice of blinds. If you require an old and rustic look, opt for wooden blinds which give off an elegant vibe. If you are going for a modern decor, opt for more modern aluminium blinds. The kind of decor thus greatly affects the material and texture of the blinds which would look good on your windows.
We admit that the aforementioned factors are a lot for a customer to consider. Hence, you can avail consultancy services from the The Blindz Guyz who will assess your home and tell you the best picks for it.