Nowadays with the advancement of science and technology, even simple appliances need to be smart. The word “smart” means an automated version of the machine that can understand our needs and can adjust itself automatically and accordingly. Thus we need such automated and advanced machines in our daily lives so that it can make our life easier by providing better and advanced facilities and options. Previously we used to use conventional TVs that were box-shaped and was only used for watching channels and shows that were telecasted at that time. Then with advancement and innovations, we got flat TVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, and Plasma TVs etc.
Android TV Box
Android TV Box
There’s the latest trend of Android TVs that has been introduced in the market. Android TVs work on the latest Android operating system or any other custom made OS and is connected to the internet and is designed for digital media lovers for better performance and experience. We also call android TVs as “Smart TVs”. Now everyone doesn’t have that amount of money and capital to invest on smart TVs, thus scientists came up with Android TV Box that is not a conventional Set-top box, but a smart box that can convert any TV into an android run TV. In this article, we would discuss an Android TV box.

Working & Uses:  In Android TV boxes you can watch high definition shows and gives you a much better watching experience with high-quality audio also. It is a better replacement for set-top boxes. You need to try it to believe it.
  • Previously we used to regret watching our favorite online TV shows on our small mobile screens. But now with the unstoppable 4G internet and installed favorite applications such as NETFLIX, makes watching on TV a better option. An Android TV box is basically a tiny small computer that you fix with your TV; it performs everything that a smartphone does.
  • You need to connect your Android TV to your HDMI port on your TV and you need to perform some system required setup and then you are good to go. Sometimes the quality of the remote may not be that good and responsive, at that time you can easily buy one Bluetooth touchpad or keyboard combo. Then you need to connect your TV to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection and then you can stream television shows from Netflix or Amazon Prime videos and can enjoy your favorite TV shows or standup comedy shows on the big screen with great audio and video quality.
  • If you want to see any regional or any other shows you can also install it from Google Play and can enjoy watching the videos, you like to. There is also a built-in browser if you want to do any surfing and do something. In android TV not only the video quality makes it special but also the audio quality makes it a great. Online music streaming apps like Spotify and SoundCloud can also be installed and used on your smart TV.
  • If you want to watch your family photos on your big screen from your recent tour diary you can also see on the automated slideshow frames mode and can see your favorite pictures and can cherish your beautiful and happy moments.
  • Sports wouldn’t be the same experience at all. You can watch your favorite sport on the big screen and can enjoy the game with your family. You can also download official apps like Watch ESPN, CBS Sports, NHL Center Ice,, etc. Moreover, you can also play seamlessly on your Android TV your favorite games with your friends.
  • Choice of products must be an important decision for you, as Android devices are growing and expanding its market thus you need to be careful with the products that you are choosing. Some of the best and top reviewed products are Abox A3, Evanpo T95Z Plus, Cubetek HI-Media Q10 Pro, Kukele 2017, SkyStream One etc. These boxes are having good reviews and can give you a better streaming and watching experience. The user market of these types of TVs is gradually expanding due to its various advanced features and making these TVs special.