No need to choose between the warmth and homey feeling of a cozy bedroom or the feeling of being a royalty with a majestic elegant bedroom when you could just combine together to create a unique space of relaxation to soothe the soul after a long day outside your home.
Knowing some basic principles in bringing out the sophistication and style out of your bedroom is summed up here as tips in achieving a cozy and elegant bedroom design for yourself.
Bedroom Design
Bedroom Design

Color Schemes

Colors create the atmosphere of a room which is why it is necessary to choose the right colors for the look that you are aiming for. The most versatile shade in this category is purple, may it be lavender, plum, lilac, or mauve. The color purple is often associated with luxury and royalty thus suits the design.

Combining with soft hues or warm neutrals such as cream, gold tones or gray ̶ balances the feeling of having an elegant bedroom but being warm and cozy at the same time.

Bedroom Color
Bedroom Color

Sense of Glamour

Decoration adds an effect on how we see a room, so there’s really nothing like an eye-catching accent to create a sense of glamour. Lightings are not only for illuminating the room but also it is an important element in decorating which harmonizes with its surrounding such as decor-style scones.
Wall mirrors could also add to the extravagance of one’s bedroom ̶ look for a mirror that is bold and has an eye-catching shape preferably with crystals or gold toned. Having this kind of attention-grabbing wall mirror is the perfect way to infuse your space with glam.

Add Natural Materials

If you feel like your bedroom is missing a statement look and you do not have space enough for large furniture, the rugs are the solution. Area rugs make your feet warm against the cold hard floor which also adds a statement look in your bedroom which also adds texture and color.
In adding coziness in a room ̶ wood, wicker, and wool enhance the warm look of a bedroom. Optimizing used woods as a decoration may blend in the elegance; faux wool is one of the options, or you could just simply add textured rugs to make a room comfy and elegant at the same time.
Bedroom Natural Materials
Bedroom Natural Materials

Blending Old and New

You can never go wrong in blending the old and new styles ̶ it can make your bedroom keep from looking stale and make an expressive statement. Incorporating your bedroom look with vintage finds adds authenticity and value into the room’s design.
It is not necessary to have extravagant vintage goods, having salvaged windows as a frame wall or a good old classic chandelier will do the job. You could also try some DIY projects such as an antique luggage vanity table which is an intriguing idea and would surely be an eye-catcher, just look for an old leather suitcase and add a mirror in the lid and legs to the bottom to create this.

Good Bed & Bedding

A cozy bed without a good mattress is not cozy at all ̶ having a good mattress not only keeps you feeling cozy and warm but it is also essential for your good night’s sleep which entirely affects the purpose of a bedroom of an individual. Look for a mattress that suits your need and make it sure that it has good mattress reviews.
Bed Mattress
Bed Mattress
In addition, a good mattress is not the only one you should think of, beddings also play an important factor not only in adding color and enhancement of the design but it also helps in making the bed warm and cozy. Choosing soft and high-quality beddings are an investment in the future. Also, in picking the colors choose those that are versatile for any season.

Take Away

Mixing and matching are always fun to do, you just have to know the dos and don’ts in designing and be knowledgeable about the matter. The important is, no matter which style you prefer, it is always about the comfort ability a bedroom gives you and the relaxation it provides after a long day outside the house.