Transitioning to a remote working position is a drastic, yet pretty exciting change. After you’ve made the decision that working from home is the best choice for you, the real decision-making process begins; how will you furnish and decorate your perfect home office space?
Home Office
Home Office
While you may be thinking, “décor, décor, DÉCOR!” in your head (don’t get me wrong, decoration and color are extremely important in any office space), don’t push comfortability and organization and storage to the bottom of your priorities list. A complete office transformation involves much more than painting the walls and hanging a few pictures. You want to create a space which allows you to be a more effective employee or entrepreneur, therefore, make sure every element of your space encourages you toward becoming that employee; from concept to design to furnishing, and lastly, décor.

There are multiple reasons for wanting to transform your home office. Maybe you never really had a complete setup to begin with or you’re just now making the full transition to a remote worker. There’s a chance your “office” currently only consists of a desk and chair and the rest of the furniture is just taking up space in your multi-functional home office/storage room. Whatever your reason may be, here is everything to keep in mind while transforming your office space from drab to fab!

Set the Tone

You wouldn’t decorate and furnish your bedroom with random, mix-matched pieces of furniture, would you? Why should your office be any different? First, choose an updated theme or tone for your space which matches and flows with the rest of your house. Then, continue with that. I know, that may sound easier said than done. Here are 10 gorgeous home office inspiration ideas to help get you started to match whichever style the rest of your house possesses.
Home Office
Home Office

Add Your Personal Touch

Your office is your space; make sure everyone knows it. Decorate with your preferences and personal touch in mind. Whether you have a minimalist style, or maybe you prefer that classic rustic look. Perhaps you’d like to keep the space modern and professional or maybe you have a creative eye and would like to add pops of color, unique décor, and plenty of plant life. Make the space your own. After all, you spend most of your day here; the least you deserve is some comfortability in your own (home) office.

Make Your Space Comfortable

Comfortability is one of the most important determining factors in productivity, efficiency, and many other work-related elements and is also dictated by a handful of components, including:
  • Worksurface (desk height, surface space, storage space)
  • Seating
  • Lighting (natural light, desk lamp, overhead light)
  • Room temperature
  • Colors (yes, colors can play a role in effecting or determining your mood)
  • Alternate or additional seating for you or guests/clients
  • Décor
Comfortable Office Space
Comfortable Office Space
Carefully consider each of these features when designing and shopping for your space. A work surface should be large enough to keep all your primary work materials and supplies within reach and neatly store everything else for future use. You’ll be sitting in that desk chair for most likely more than eight hours a day; it better be comfortable (or at least bearable). Which is why it’s convenient to have an alternate seating option such as a small couch or armchair. You should have multiple lighting sources available for use as well and (preferably) your own temperature controls inside the office. Lastly, decorate! Your decorative pieces should tie the room together and you want them to pop without being distracting.


Organization also plays a dominate role in determining your comfortability in addition to your productivity and quality of work. Think about it, do you feel comfortable while you’re sifting through papers attempting to find that very important note with an email address you left for yourself on a sticky note last week as your stress and anxiety levels continue to rise? Probably not. Have a space for everything and keep everything in its place. If you’ve already filled the room with everything you need for a home office, organizing should be the easy part. Like I previously mentioned, primary materials and supplies which are used daily should be kept within arm’s reach. Everything else can be stored systematically and neatly elsewhere. For example, a bookshelf, wall shelving unit, cabinets, or drawers.

Transforming your perfect workspace is the difficult (but well worth it) part. You already know how to do the rest; be the best employee or entrepreneur you can! And now you have an office space which will allow you to do just that. You want to get this space just right; a fabulous work space only leads to a fabulous worker.