LED light panels were developed as a replacement to the more common and conventional lights installed on ceilings. The exterior cover of the LED light panels is designed to prevent light from leaking. By changing your ceiling lights to the easily installed LED light panels, you can significantly save on lighting and energy costs in your house.

We are able to customized different types of LED light panels based on their size from 5cm x5cm to 300 cmx 150cm. So it could almost fit in a wide range of advertising backlight purpose.
LED Light Panel
LED Light Panel
With the normal fluorescent lights, you will be wasting up to 40% of the energy. This is lost mainly in the material construction of the lighting itself. By offering a beam of light that is wide enough to provide sufficient light while using a fraction of the energy, LED light panels are a great alternative.

There are several other benefits that come with fitting LED light panels. One is that you have the option of different colors. You will also not worry about getting electrified when handling the LED lights. You are also able to adjust the intensity of the light.

LED light panels will last longer than the fluorescent ceiling lights with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. You also have many designs to choose from when picking your ideal LED light panels.

How to choose the best LED light panels

The first thing to consider when buying LED light panels are the lumens per watt. These measure the brightness of the light produced. The higher the lumens the greater the illumination the LED light panel will provide. Divide the lumens figure by the wattage and you can tell how efficient the LED light is. The more the lumens per watt the better.

Second check the color temperature. It is measured in Kelvin (K) and it tells you how the light will appear. For example, the cool white light produced between 4000 and 5000k is ideal for offices, retail outlets as well as commercial buildings.  Natural white on the other hand between 3000 and 4000k looks similar to sunlight. It is ideal for basements or garages.

Check for emergency versions of LED light panels. One main benefit of this is in case there is a power shortage, they will continue to provide sufficient light for upwards of 3 hours.

LED light panels do have plenty of uses such as in homes, commercial buildings, retail centers, offices and garages, restaurants. The reason behind their wide use is their ease of installation, different color choices, efficient consumption of power and the fact that they are easy to customize.

If you are looking for commercial backlight LED panels for your business premises or warehouse, or perhaps you need to install them in your office, LED backlight panels feature different sizes that fit neatly into the advertising.