Shopping for new furniture can be much more challenging than simply a happy excursion. You’re making a long term commitment, spending quite a bit of money and hoping all your visitors will be as impressed as you are with the final results.

All of this: Daunting.

Here’s an unfortunate result. Many home owners are too cautious when out shopping, therefore not taking a chance on:
  • A new look
  • A modern trend
  • A striking design
You may prefer to stick with what you know and play it safe.
Let’s try something different today. We’ll describe a few options to you and you’ll see the power of the RIGHT piece of furniture. If you come across something you like below, maybe it’s time you try something different.

Furniture Designers in 2019—The Benefit of Shopping in This Age

You will find, even in your local interior decorating store a world of elegant luxury and timeless style, collections of furniture, leather lounges, décor & more, worthy of world class status.

Thanks to manufacturers that study their audience and keep on par with what homes (and offices) need, the designs are the embodiment of simplicity and still there is warmth & comfort to every piece. While the lines whisper minimalism, other parts scream family time and cuddles.

Yes, even furniture can be ‘All-in-One’ purchases these days.

Also, thanks to modern production processes that speed things up and make manufacturing so easy, furniture can be ordered in different colour palettes, types of leather and finishes. You’ll find items that blend in seamlessly with your home, office or entertainment spaces.

So, which looks should you consider rather than that practical set of chairs or sturdy table you’re considering?

Furniture Styles to Consider in 2019

A Hipster Look

This term is flung around a lot these days and your lounge may need it: Hipster. What about a playful lounge suite which makes you think of that really cool older cousin you idolize? This is about being trendy and standing out, which will prompt compliments and show you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

You may like this if your taste isn’t very feminine or petite, but rather bright, bold prints. Remember to add a good plant or two in this space for optimized oxygen intake. You know hipsters are all about the environment too.

Going Classic is Always in Option

Perhaps you avoid this because you’re scared your home will resemble your grandmother’s? Why fear this? Grandmothers always have comfortable sofas, which is a valuable characteristic in any home. That makes old style leather and wood pieces winners!

This can also match other décor pieces you own if you adore the arts, the Royal family, the Victorian era or even Art deco.

Straight Lines—Get Some Order

Perhaps a piece of furniture is the way you get some order from the chaos. Without some professional help, many home owners pick pieces that end up looking rumpled and simply adding to the clutter. Do you like muted tones in your apartment and you dislike children with no volume switch?

If you like the peace and quiet, not pieces of puzzles lying around on your floor, straight line furniture will work:
  • Straight backs
  • Symmetrical pieces
  • Able to push it flush against the wall
  • Chairs matching carpets
  • Square wall hangings matching square furniture
For some of you, whimsical items will look great in the store, but bother you at home.

Yes, buying furniture is a process of self discovery. Determine which type of home owner you are is part of the journey. You may want to take note of what bothers you in other people’s homes before you buy your own pieces.

Invite Them In

Of course there is a different group in contrast to those who desire perfections and order: The ever entertainers. Make it easy on yourself: Invest in furniture that will help your guests feel at home.

This means your chairs, tables and décor will be a little bit edgy and even quirky. Why? Because it makes for interesting dinner conversation, putting at ease even the most socially awkward visitor.

If you love mixing patterns with textures and accent walls with accent floors, you’ll love this approach, even if it takes some guts to pull off. Your lounge suite can be simple, while drawing compliments for its workmanship. That will draw people to view it and then feel comfortable sitting on it.

Life at the Beach?

Important Tip: Let your furniture resemble what you love about life. Once again it makes for conversation when you’re having people over. More than that, it’s where you will feel comfortable.

So, don’t be shy investing in pieces that will facilitate your dream life:
  • Living by the beach with blues and whites
  • Enjoying reading on a leather lounge suite in winter
  • Writing novels at an exquisite table outside in the sunshine
  • Mirrors to reflect light
  • Leaving space for yoga
  • Occasional photographs of family and friends
  • Easy to tidy spaces if want effortless living


Can you see how powerful your next furniture purchase can be? It can transform your life, as well as helping your future guests feel at home in YOUR space.

That makes it worth taking a chance on something out of the ordinary. What part of your personality will your next leather lounge suites showcase?