Nothing says chic and modern quite like shutters do.

In any space, they seem to bring about an element of charm and curiosity. What’s behind them? What are they hiding?

Often the “should we, shouldn’t we?” question comes up when considering investing in these privacy givers. Due to the incredibly broad market, the question of which shutters to choose also remains prominent.

Luckily some modern innovations make this decision easier.

When it comes to blinds and screens, plantation shutters are the perfect compromises between the two. They’re technically neither a blind nor a screen — but fulfill the responsibilities of both.

We took a closer look at these shutters to investigate whether they’re a worthwhile investment to the average home owner. Is this what you were looking for?

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

What Are They?

Similar to blinds, plantation shutters operate on horizontally laying slats that open and close as desired.

Unlike blinds, these shutters don’t move up and down, but instead lay on top of the entire window frame without moving. It’s only the individual slats within the shutter frame that lift up or flap down to allow or block light.

These individual slats move as a unit. So, if one goes up, the rest of the panel does as well.

Plantation shutters are retro feeling solutions to the need for blinds and screens as they were often

found throughout the “modern” households of the 70s and 80s.

Where Are They Best For?

Technically any home or office space in need of privacy or heat control can make use of plantation shutters quite suitably. Plantation shutters Sydney‘s suppliers showcase will show a range of options that will fit perfectly over small windows or entire floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

For this reason, plantation shutters are commonly found in vacation homes. They allow owners to completely seal off any views into the property when it’s not in use. They’re also resistant to humidity and harsh weather conditions so they can go long periods of time without cleaning or maintenance.


Plantation shutters, also known as PVS shutters, don’t tend to vary much when it comes to materials. They’re almost always made from heavy duty steel. On occasion, for aesthetic purposes, plantation shutters have been known to be made out of wood.

The slats within the shutters lay horizontal. They only differ in width and thickness. In bathrooms, for example, many people prefer thinner, lighter slats. In common areas thicker ones will be more frequented.

Product safety when it comes to blinds and shutters is important. Whatever the style of your plantation shutters, ensure that the materials used by the manufacturer are of sound quality and of course non toxic.

But why are they so popular in the industry?

Top Benefits

There are many benefits to investing in quality, well made plantation shutters installed in your home or office.

Heat Control

Being able to adjust the temperature of a space at the flip of a slat is a benefit indeed.

With plantation shutters you’ll be able to enjoy the morning breeze with the slats open. Later, as the sun comes past and bakes the house, simply lower the shutters to keep your indoors cool.

In winter times you’ll enjoy being able to seal the shutters and keep the warmth inside the space. Plantation shutters are great natural insulators.

Elegant Design

As we’ve said before, well made shutters automatically transform a space.

Plantation shutters are elegant yet prominent features within any home or office vicinity. They add an allure and sense of coziness that just wouldn’t be attainable with regular curtains.

The benefit for home owners is that you’ll also be able to personalize your shutters to whatever is best for your home’s aesthetic. The range of options within PVC shutters will cater to every color and style you need.


One of the more obvious, yet incredibly important, perks of plantation shutters: Improve your privacy level.

They completely seal off a space when closed. Unlike blinds where there’s often a slight gap left between components, plantation shutters are wholly covering.
Best of all is that this has security implications too.

The outside won’t get in and the inside won’t get out. Rest easy knowing your home and family are safe from prying eyes as well as the elements.

Less Noise

Being natural insulators, plantation blinds are also naturally noise proof. Their thick nature holds most sound back and creates a peaceful space within.

This is what makes them the perfect addition to any home situated near a busy road or airport. The additional layer between the inside and the outdoor noises creates an effective sound barrier.


Plantation shutters offer more accurate coverage of a space and alternating between open and closed is so easy.

Unlike store-bought curtains, your shutters will be tailor made to fit the exact frame height and width of your window space. You’ll also have far more options when it comes to design preferences.

Easy To Clean

Again, unlike curtains plantation shutters are incredibly easy to clean. A simple wipe gets the job done.

They won’t warp or wither at contact with water. They also don’t need cleaning as regularly as normal blinds and screens as their slanted nature promotes dust to fall away from them instead of gather.


So, to answer the earlier posed question, are plantation shutters a worthwhile investment? Yes!

For anyone looking to better insulate, better protect and better design their home or office, plantation shutters are welcome additions with a multitude of benefits. No matter your current design needs, there’s a benefit you’ll enjoy.

Case closed and shut!