How are you going to decorate your kitchen next summer? This year is about to end, so do you want to redesign and transform your kitchen next year?
Summer style is a great choice. If you are also interested in a summer style kitchen, here are some tips for updating the summer design kitchen.
1. Open Design
Many kitchens are enclosed, which makes the space seem small, and when the weather is hot, the whole space will make you feel more hot and uncomfortable, especially in the summer. You need an open-plan kitchen that connects the kitchen to the outside. A gust of wind can blow through the air, and the heat is very fast, allowing you to feel cool and comfortable in the summer.
Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
2. Blue and White Design
The color of the sea is the coolest and most comfortable. If you want  a summer style kitchen, a blue and white interlacing design is a good choice. Blue makes people look forward to the ocean, white is simple and generous, so you can feel the charm of the sea, like a sea breeze at home. It’s a great choice to have such a hue in your design for the hot summer.
Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
3. Storage
No space should be wasted for the kitchen. When summer comes, too many items will make the whole kitchen messy, and people’s moods will be easily irritated. We need to buy more storage to make the space fully utilized, and it is very convenient to put and take items.
4. Colored Chandelier
Summer is a very colorful season. On days when the sun is so bright, the most suitable color for summer is a bright color. It is full of vitality, which makes your whole kitchen look vibrant and very enthusiastic. The lamps we have in the kitchen are chandeliers, and often, we can choose from a wide range of chandeliers to decorate our kitchen. And when summer comes, we can decorate our kitchen by choosing colored chandeliers, such as bright yellow, simple designs but with bright colors.

Colored Chandelier
Colored Chandelier
5. Blooming Flowers
Summer is the season of flowers, and raising a bunch of flowers in the kitchen is like borrowing a gift from nature to enhance the vitality and vitality of the kitchen. Have a bouquet of flowers that don’t need too much care, water it, and watch it while you are cooking. It will make you feel good and make your kitchen match the summer season.
6. Rattan Chair
Is your chair still made of metal or plastic? Do you know what style of chair is best for summer? It is actually a rustic style. One of the typical representatives of the rustic style is made of rattan, with a strong rustic style, which makes you feel like you are in a large field. The sun is shining, and with a fresh botanical fragrance, you can feel the vitality of summer.
7. Fruit Basket
Summer is also the season of fruit, and you have a lot of fruit in the kitchen. Even if you forget to eat it, it looks very unattractive. You can buy a basket just to place your fruit, and put it in the center of the table. An exquisite fruit basket can add a touch of color to your kitchen and will always remind you to remember to eat fruit.
8. Exquisite Island
Sometimes, your kitchen is very small, and you may not be able to have a large table, which will make your kitchen look very narrow. When the temperature is high in summer, the small space will feel stuffy. A small island that can be shrunk, put down when needed, can be used as a dining table or as a rest area. Put a small bench next to it, sit down and rest at any time, and zoom back when not in use. Take up your space.
9. Wine Rack
If you like to drink wine, then a wine rack in the kitchen is a good choice. When summer comes, you can chill a bottle of wine, and drink a cool glass of wine in an air-conditioned room; it is a perfect choice. At the same time, choosing a beautiful wine rack for your wine is a bonus, adding a rustic touch to your kitchen.
10. Light Curtain
The summer sun will be very strong. When you cook in the kitchen, the sun will come in, and it will be very dazzling. You need a light curtain to make the kitchen darker so that the sun will not stimulate your eyes. Soft sunshine will make you feel better in the kitchen.
11. Carpet
When the summer is very hot, many people like to walk barefoot in the room, but the cool floor is not good for the body. Add a soft rug to the kitchen to protect your feet, and a beautiful rug can make you feel comfortable as you enter the kitchen. You can choose the pattern you like to determine the style of the carpet.
The new year is coming. Do you want to design a summer-style kitchen that feels comfortable before the summer? These 11 tips will help to create a perfect summer kitchen.
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