Most of us maintain our homes really well, we take care of the exteriors, the interiors, the paint, the drains, the lawns, in short everything. However, most of us miss one part of our home which is the crawl space. The crawl space needs to be maintained well and you need crawl space encapsulation for it. It is the best and only viable option for crawl spaces. If you are thinking that crawl space encapsulation is a waste of money, think again, crawl space encapsulation can actually save you money. Given below are 5 ways crawl space encapsulation will save you money:
Crawl Space Encapsulation
Crawl Space Encapsulation
  1. Do you know the effect a crawl space can have on your energy bills? If the vents are open and if the walls are absorbent and if there are cracks in the walls or the foundation of your building, it can have a severe impact on your energy bills. During the summer, the warm air in the crawl space can enter your home and you will need more air conditioning and similarly in the winter the cool air that is permeating in the crawl space can make your home very cool and you will need more heating to make the home warm. This excess use of your heating and air conditioning systems will result in high energy bills. If you opt to encapsulate your crawl space you will pay considerably lesser energy bills and this way you will be saving your hard earned money.
  2. If your HVAC system is overworked, the chances of the system developing faults are rather high. Repairing an overworked, over stressed HVAC system can be highly expensive. If you encapsulate your crawl space and if you maintain your HVAC system properly, you can save money because there won’t be any costly repairs.
  3. If you do not have crawl space encapsulation then the moisture in the crawl space can condense and create havoc. The condensed moisture is the reason for molds and mildew and this can hamper the very foundation of your building. It can also cause havoc to the walls and also the appliances in the home. Mold and mildew removal can be a costly affair and if you encapsulate the crawl space you will not need to worry about this at all.
  4. The air quality in a house can deteriorate if the crawl space has a lot of moisture. The mold smell can be a put off. The chances of bacteria and microbes thriving in the crawl space are high and the quality of the air can go down considerably leading to illnesses. The medical costs can be saved by opting for encapsulation.
  5. The government appreciates homes that have encapsulated their crawl space and they show their appreciation by providing you with rebates and incentives. The tax saved is money earned; so another reason to go for it.
Apart from these 5 ways to save money, you can also save money on floor costs because your floor will remain good for a long time.