Relocating from one place to another is not easy. You need to plan everything very well. You need to research and find a good moving company. This is the most difficult part because there are many moving companies and some of them are really unscrupulous and bent on taking your money.
Moving Companies
Moving Companies
Research is not just typing ‘Burlington NC Movers’ in Google and waiting for the results. It means you need to shortlist a few from the results and you need to speak to them. A moving company representative will visit and provide you a quote for the packing and transportation. You need to check their credentials, the testimonials and so on by visiting their websites. And after you have done the due diligence you can choose the best company among your short list.
You should also know that moving companies will not ship everything that you possess. There are many things that moving companies cannot ship and given below are 5 of them:

Weapons, drugs and anything illegal:

Moving companies have a standard policy to not move any weapon or drugs. If you use a moving company to move contraband you can be arrested too. You need to remember that the movers are professionals and they have licenses etc., to move only legal items. Most moving companies will always ask you to sign a statement that no illegal items are there in the things they are moving. Additionally if there are drugs or weapons, the moving company is duty bound to let the police know about such items.

Hazardous materials:

Not many people know that we use a lot of hazardous materials every day. These materials can be used by people legally but they cannot be transported as there are risks. They need to be transported in specialized containers meant for that specific purpose. Some of the hazardous materials which a moving company will not transport are, aerosol cans, nail polish, bleach, lighters, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, chemicals, pesticides, paint thinner etc. The moving company will provide a list of hazardous items which they cannot transport and you can easily remove them and keep them away.


Food can perish very fast and if the moving company needs to transport your possessions from one coast to another then the food is going to perish and cause problems, hence it is better to not transport any food. Even frozen food is a strict no-no.


Yes, you heard that right; moving companies will not transport plants. You need to arrange for their transport separately. Some moving companies will transport plants if the move is very near but across states it is a strict no-no.

Objects of exemplary value:

The moving company will ask you if there are any objects that are one of a kind like paintings which have exemplary value and if you have them they will politely decline to transport them. These types of objects need to be transported in special vehicles, so make sure there is no item which is very valuable.