Probably you installed your ducted air conditioners 10 years back. So, for the past 10 years, it has been serving you so well without any issues, provided you get its servicing done on a regular basis.

However, if you are noticing some problems such as some weird noise coming out, increased electricity, the efficiency of your Air conditioner has gone down. Well, one possible reason for it can be that you have not gotten the service on time. As it is the peak of summer, being without an air conditioner is something unimaginable. You would think of either getting ducted air conditioning repair or getting it replaced, whatever might be the best possible alternative is. Now it is not a hit and trial game to change your Air conditioners because it requires a good amount of investment on your part as well. Let us look into certain factors which help you gain clarity on whether you want to replace or go for ducted air conditioning repair.

Ducted Air Conditioner

  • Excess moisture in the environment: All of us know that a certain amount of moisture is present in the air due to Air conditioners, but if that certain gets increased to a considerable amount of moisture, it starts creating problem. In such a case, get it checked as soon as possible because it may become a severe problem if left untreated.
  • Weird noises: It is a misconception that weird noises are a part of your ducted air conditioner, which is not the case, and instead, it means that the Air conditioner is facing some underlying problem. Sometimes the sounds can be very light to your ear while indicating a need for ducted air conditioning repair. In case the sounds are very heavy, then you need to get it checked properly because it might happen that your compressor is not working properly as a result of which you have to replace your Air conditioner as soon as possible.
  • Rise in the electricity bill: You might have noticed that your electricity bill has suddenly increased.  If you cannot find a proper reason for that, then it is time to check your ducted air condition if it’s working properly or not. If found to be true, It is important to reconsider your Old AC and get it replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, the electricity bill will go only higher and higher.
  • Annual Maintenance: If you have done the annual maintenance from time to time, then the need to replace the Air conditioner is certainly not there. But if you haven’t, then there is certainly the need of replacing your air conditioner. Annual maintenance of your Air Conditioner can save up from replacement cost, and you can easily get it done within the ducted air conditioner repair.
  • Age of your Air conditioner: Even after annual maintenance and servicing, there will come a time when you would require getting your Air conditioner replaced. Your AC cannot function properly in such a situation. It has a life of its own which is generally around 15 years, after which it has to be replaced. If the Air Conditioner requires repair within a short time of span, it indicates that your Air conditioner requires some replacement.


In case you are confused about whether to replace your AC or just repair it, then the above-listed points will be beneficial for you to reach to a decision. Just don’t make a decision on the basis of the cost involved. It is certain that replacing the Air Conditioner will require more money from you than its repair. However, always try to keep in mind the long term perspective which can help you make better decisions.