One of the major problems, which arise in many households, is the situation of blocked toilets. It becomes a terrible condition if not attended or managed properly. It causes a lot of inconvenience, as the block may lead to foul smell and unhealthy environment. Majority of people think that unclogging a blocked toilet is an easy task, but it is not. People avoid unclogging the toilet drains by themselves, as it is insanitary. Thus, often they end up calling up services for help. It requires serious courage and patience to clean the toilets by own even when the clogs are minor ones. However, if the unpleasant situation is out of control, then it becomes mandatory to call the experts to clear the mess.
Blocked Toilet
Blocked Toilet
There are a few small things, which may lead to major clogged drains in the toilet. There are various distinct signs, which can tell whether there is a situation of blocked toilets or not:
  • When the water takes longer than usual to go down the drains, this indicates that there is something blocking the drains or there is malfunctioning in the drains, which needs to be cleared.
  • When there is a gurgling or absurd sound at the time, when the water is going down the drains or pipes.
  • When the water cannot go further down the drain or pipe and starts to overflow or accumulate, which indicates that there is a serious clogging of the drains or pipes and requires immediate action.
There are a few common mistakes often made by people, which lead to disgusting conditions of blocked toilets. Some of them are discussed below:
  • Flushing toilet paper- Toilet papers when flushed in the toilet will not cause any harm, as it can be flushed easily and can flow through the pipes or drains without clogging them. Toilet papers decompose rapidly thus, even if they are left behind, they do not cause a serious problem. However, it is the quantity or the number of the toilet paper, which is flushed down the drain that can lead to blocked drains. That is why it is preferable to use garbage cans in order to avoid clogged toilets and drains.
  • Lack of sufficient water pressure- This problem is a common one and arises in old toilets or toilets with dual flush mechanism. It is often observed that the average water pressure, which drains out the waste, is not available in the toilets. The old toilets and dual flush mechanisms have weak flushes, which do not allow proper flow of water while flushing. That leads to accumulation of waste in drains or pipes and cause obstruction, resulting in improper drainages, blockage, and overflow of drains. Thus, it is advised to purchase a proper toilet with functional mechanisms so that the situation of blocked toilets can be avoided.
  • Flushing foreign objects- Children and toddlers are fascinated when it comes to throwing all kind of objects in the toilet. This may lead to serious damage to pipelines and cause blocked drains. Toilets are only to flush away the waste and toilet papers. Anything else, which is flushed except the two, can lead to blocked drains and inconvenient conditions. Thus, it is advised to parents to keep their children away from toilets so that do not litter around and throw unwanted foreign objects in the toilets.
The above causes discussed are some common issues, which can easily take place if the toilets are not cleaned and checked properly. There are many ways to get rid of such unhealthy and inconvenient conditions. Use of plungers and other do-it-yourself techniques come handy when the clogs are manageable otherwise call experts to handle the blocked drain problem to avoid blocked toilet.