What you may not know about your building is often the most important part. While you may have plenty of data, specs, and documents to back up your claims, what you don’t know can cost you thousands in damage. The problem with this is that in today’s world, we all need to work together to protect the public good. In other words, we build things to protect people and property from themselves.

So where do we start? There are several things worth looking into first before approving a project. As a result, it is critical to investigate the various needs of our building and determine whether anything can be built in response to these needs. This will help us make a more informed decision on whether our building should be built.

Building Inspection

Before understanding the importance of building inspection, we must be aware of the basic questions and answers regarding building inspection.

What is Building Inspection?

Building inspection is the process that is performed by a professional building inspector who is either employed by a country, city, or township who has the certifications in one or more disciplines qualifying them to have the authority to make professional judgments whether the building meets required building code requirements.

The building inspector holds the power to withhold the construction process until the inspection has been completed and approved.

What are the Things that the Building Inspectors Look for in a Building Inspection?

A building inspector will typically inspect the interior, wiring, heating, and cooling systems, plumbing, roofing, exterior, air-conditioning systems, insulation, brickwork, installed systems, and ventilation system.

While inspecting a building a building inspector may find numerous defects regarding the new constructions. Some of the defects that are most found during the building inspection are as follows:

  • Drainage problems can cause water or structural damage in the nearby future.
  • Spotting the areas that need to be waterproofed to prevent water leaks that will further damage the building.
  • Structural defects result in weak foundations, poor ventilation, defective framing, wall cracks, and issues related to roofing.
  • Plumbing, electrical, and heating issues arise due to the incorrect instalment of fixtures, taps, unsealed ducts, etc.
  • Other general issues related to the tiling, flooring, plaster, painting, window frames, brickwork, cladding door, etc.

What is the Importance of Building Inspections?

All the buildings must be constructed by complying with certain safety rules and regulations for the safety of the entire public. When a building inspector issues a green signal, indicating that the needed building has met the requirements, it is proclaimed safe for people to use.

Passing a building inspection means that all the work regarding the construction of the building has been done properly, under the permit while maintaining the minimum standards that will ensure the safety of all the occupants in that building.

Importance of Building Inspections

When is the suitable time for undergoing a building inspection?

Building inspection should be done over a periodic interval of time. All building experiences wear and tear over time, which can produce a disruption in the structure’s foundation.

Especially after getting hit by a natural disaster, it would be a very wise decision to call for the building inspector for the proper building inspectionOther than that, if there is an issue regarding structural disturbances, that should be the signal to call for a building inspector.

Are Building Inspections Worth the Money?

Building inspections are important for ensuring the safety of the people. They cannot be considered a waste of money because the building inspector will assist in determining the necessary adjustments that are required to be made in this building to maintain the safety of the people living there.


There is barely anyone who does not have the desire to have a dream house. They want everything in that house to be perfect which is why they won’t hesitate to invest more and hire the best professionals. Even after that, there will remain certain imperfections in the house and that is the reason why you must visit the building inspector and get a building inspection of the newly constructed building. Their approval will give you clearance regarding the safety of the building.