All house owners make it a point to make their kitchens look as best as they can. Apart from the cabinets, countertops are the next most noticeable things in a kitchen. So, countertops or bench tops of the kitchen need to be attractive and durable enough to last for years in perfect condition. Usually, marble, granite, quartz based engineered stone, timber, laminate and stainless steel are mostly used for creating the benchtops of the kitchen. But granite is the most popular material used in making the countertops; as marble and laminate are very costly. Timber is not so durable option as bench tops for kitchen as its colour will erode when it meets hot vessels and when smeared with oily and other greasy food items. Granite bench tops on the other hand are highly durable, easily affordable and give an elegant look to the kitchen, but for that you must choose the right granite as countertops. 
Granite Benchtops for Kitchen
Granite Benchtops for Kitchen

Points to be noted while choosing the granite kitchen benchtops

  • Background colour of the kitchen – When the background colour of the kitchen is white, the homemakers can use different types of white granites that may be adorned with brown, black or gray coloured veins, as well as contain large visible grains. But if anyone wishes to use contrast coloured granites on their kitchen benchtops, the granites should have scattered grains of medium size and the veins should match the background colour of the kitchen. So, black or brown or green granites with shiny white veins can be used for making glamorous granite kitchen benchtops
  • Size of the countertops in kitchen – The interior decorators prefer to use only light coloured granite benchtops in the kitchens with small areas, as the lighter shades make the room look bigger than it is. If any homemaker insists on using darker colours for resisting the oil stains of the kitchen, the dark granite benchtops with white or lighter coloured veins are preferred, provided there is adequate arrangement for the entry of natural light into the kitchen.
  • Type of kitchen cabinets – When kitchen cabinets are all made of only one colour, it is easier to choose granites for countertops; as either the same colour or any contrast shade can be chosen for the granite tops. But if the cabinets of the kitchen perimeter are of contrast colour to those made in the kitchen island, the best option is to use a colour shade that can match both the colours used in the kitchen cabinets. For example, if black and white are the contrasting colours of the kitchen cabinets, brown or gray shades can be ideally used for the granite countertops. 
  • Size of the kitchen island – When the kitchen is very large, the homemakers or the interior designers may opt for using two contrast colours of granite tops on the counters of the kitchen perimeter and on the island, if there is enough space between the perimeter and the island of the kitchen. But in case of small kitchens in modern apartments, only one colour should be chosen for the granites used as kitchen countertops.
  • Amount of light available in kitchen – If the kitchen has several windows and plenty of sunlight floods the room, light coloured granite should be chosen for the countertops. The kitchens with a short window and little amount of natural light, mainly in winters, look livelier with dark coloured granite countertops.
  • Type of flooring – When the floor of the kitchen is made of wooden tiles that are dark brown or gray in colour, the granite benchtops should be white or of any lighter shade. On the contrary, darker shades of granites should be used for the countertops in the kitchens, where the floors are made of white marble tiles or light coloured tiles.
Above piece of advice will help you to find most durable and stylish granite benchtops for your kitchen.