As you are aware that there are multiple choices where fire places are concerned- like the gas fire place, the electric fire place, the wood fireplace and also the ethanol fire place. Before opting for a specific one you need to decide on certain factors like-
  • Are you looking for a fireplace for the required warmth or aesthetics, or probably a combination of both?
  • Look for a fireplace with the intention of heating only one room.
  • Research the different options available and opt for the one which can blend well with the interior of your home and also provide the warmth and comfort.
  • It is advisable to take a look at the fire place when it is inactive as this can present a clear picture.
Wood Fireplace
Wood Fireplace
Keeping the old traditional model of a wood fireplace might be one of the best decisions you have taken. There are multiple advantages of this fire place. 

# Cost Effective

As we are aware the prices of gas and electricity seem to be constantly on the rise. In such circumstances, it is wiser to opt for a wood fireplace as you will be spending the minimum on the required logs as compared to the other options. As fire places work out to be a necessity in most places which experience harsh winters, this works out an apt option. This option can save up to nearly 80% of what you have been spending on an electric fire place.
Wood Fireplaces
Wood Fireplace

# Independent Energy

Gas and Electric Fireplaces can be termed as ‘unpredictable’ due to the ever changing weather conditions. Wood is easily available in all types of circumstances so it works out as an independent energy factor.

# Aesthetics

When anyone wishes for a fireplace, they always picture the wood fireplace. The atmosphere is cozier and intimate as compared to gas and electric ones. As we are aware gas fireplaces lack the crackle and the whip offered by wood fireplaces. These fireplaces are not able to provide the aroma which wood can. The total look and feel of a fireplace is absolutely different and appealing. These fire places also emit heat after the fire has burned off. This means, the atmosphere is warmer for a longer period of time.
Wood Fireplace
Wood Fireplace

# Environmental Friendly

Everyone, these days, is looking to contribute to save the environment in one way or the other. Opting for a wood fireplace is one sure way to do so. Although these fireplaces tend to leave out smoke, the logs available these days are totally free of moisture, making the emissions less harmful. Besides this, each tree that is cut down, one seed is planted, making this fire place a big factor for renewable energy.

# Choosing Wood Fireplace

Decide on the place before you opt for a wood fireplace as this requires a little of masonry work. Make sure there is enough space for a chimney for the smoke to be let out. You have a choice between the radiant heaters, circulating stoves and combustion stoves. You can take the help of a professional to choose the right one suitable for your home. Find out the features of the different wood fireplaces before making a choice. Make sure to keep your budget in mind before you make a decision. 

Though these fireplaces are reasonably priced but you would like to make sure they are worth the investment. You can search online for the different suppliers of wood fireplaces. This gives you an idea of the features and benefits which helps in making a fair decision.