Your garage right now is probably used for storing your vehicle or vehicles and is also used for storage purposes, both of which are absolutely fine. We believe though you could make more use out of the extra space and we are here today to tell you how. 

According to stats 11% of people wouldn’t change their garage in one way or another. Having a garage that is organised and functionable is something every homeowner desires, however, a lot of the time people don’t get around to it. Begin the Summer by getting organised! Here are some of the ways in which you can transform your garage into a space you are proud of. 

Garage Door


Did you know a lot of homeowners are too embarrassed to keep their garage doors open due to clutter laying around? It’s so sad that we let this space go to waste and not to mention it can become dangerous if this clutter was to fall on you or a family member and could even damage your vehicle. Now is the time to get rid of any junk from your garage to free up some floor space and to keep it tidy for the future. 

Small Upgrades, Big Difference

Giving the floor of your garage a little upgrade can make a huge difference and can transform the space. Popping a coating on your garage floor will also make it a lot easier to clean and protect. The main two materials you should consider using are epoxy and polyaspartic. Without this layer of protection your floor will begin to wear away, crack or crumble.


You may end up chucking your belongings around if they don’t have a designated place to go. You should consider having hooks, cabinets and drawers which will help to organise your garage, you can even get things made to measure to make everything look tidy and neat. 

You can also install slat wall panels which are cut perfectly to hold a range of items with ease. The horizontal grooves allow you to organise your things easily and make changes as and when you need to. They give a fantastic look to your home and keep items off the floor.

You can also install overhead storage so make the most of the entire space. Overhead storage is perfect for all items and comes in a range of different lengths that most of the time are adjustable too.

A Mud Room 

Mud Room

This tip is perfect if you have children or pets. We all know the feeling, you have a lovely day in the forest or at the beach, you come home and the floor is filthy with mud and sand that you can’t seem to get rid of for weeks. If you know this feeling then why not turn part of your garage into a mudroom? Create a storage bench for hats, gloves and add some matts for dirty shoes. You can even add hooks for coats and if you want to go all out you could even add a small bath to clean your dog before they go into your house. 

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Garage Door

Curb appeal is everything! Which is why it is so important to upgrade your garage door. Replace your garage door and get added peace of mind from a security point of view as well as insulation, aesthetically and of course functionality wise too. 

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