Winter is nearly upon us, and for many people that means the snow is about to start. Snow can be a lot of fun, and it is beautiful as it falls lightly to layer the ground in a blanket of white sparkles. But it can also be dangerous and unforgiving, so it’s a good idea to keep walkways and driveways clear to prevent harm and accident.  An Idaho yard services company has compiled this list of snow removal tips just for you.
Snow Removal
Snow Removal

Before It Snows…

Before the snow hits, plant tall stakes in the ground on the corners of your yard or driveway so you know where to shovel. You don’t want to accidentally start digging up your lawn or flower garden when they’re covered in a couple feet of snow.

Get the Right Shovel

Finding the right shovel to clear out snow with is essential. If you are doing all the snow shoveling, you want to make sure you get a shovel that is ergonomically sound for your size and strength. Get a good medium-sized shovel – a shovel with a blade so large that you could easily overload it can be hard on your back if it gets too heavy.

The material of the shovel is important too. If you are clearing a soft walkway – like a wood deck – you’ll want to use a plastic shovel. Likewise, aluminum shovels are great for harder surfaces like cement driveways and walkways.
Snow Removal
Snow Removal

Don’t Let It Pile Up

Letting the snow pile up before shoveling it can create more, and harder, work for you in the end. It is much easier to clear a couple inches of snow that a couple feet of snow. Also, keeping the snow clear on the pavement will help prevent ice from forming because the sun will keep the cement warm enough.

If the snow does pile up, try clearing it by a couple-inch layer at a time starting from the top. This will be easier on your back than starting from the bottom and trying to scrape it all out.

Don’t Pile It Up Somewhere Else

As you are shoveling the snow, don’t pile it up someplace else that could cause damage, like on your home’s foundation walls or anyplace made of wood. The snow will melt and likely refreeze again before the winter is over. The ice that forms will expand and can cause cracks in the foundation to widen. Wooden things are susceptible to water damage, so that’s why it’s best to avoid a pile-up near wood.
We hope these tips will help you when it comes to removing your snow safely this winter.