Blocked drainage is a very common problem in many households as well as commercial buildings. While blockage in the outside drains may be caused by intruding tree roots in pipes, indoor blockage can occur due to flushing down of heavy materials down the drain. Such materials disrupt the flow of the water within the pipes, thereby leading to blockage. While this is a common problem, many households may not be able to detect the problem at an early stage and allow the problem to grow bigger. In this case, you need to hire an experienced drain cleaning service and they will identify the exact issue of your drainage system and they will clear the clogged portions with their advanced tools and techniques. If there is a problem caused by three roots, then you may need to replace the whole drainage system or pipelines. But now you can also save this cost by doing some drain reclining system and for more details you can contact some professional drain cleaning services. 
Common Signs Of Blocked Drainage
Common Signs Of Blocked Drainage

Common Signs of Blocked Drainage

The top warning signs which point towards blocked drains include the following:
  • Overflow– The most noticeable sign of a blocked drain is when the toilet, kitchen sink, or any other such drain overflows. This backflow is caused when water is not able to pass through the pipes smoothly, thereby pointing towards blockage.
  • Slow Draining– If the water also takes too long to drain through the pipes, it is an indication that the pipe has begun to block and needs to be cleaned.
  • Noise– If you notice any gurgling sound while the water is draining, it refers to the water hitting the blocked substance in the pipe.
  • Smell– Untreated substances accumulated in pipes will begin to decompose and smell through the pipe openings. Thus, if you smell a foul odor near the drainage pipes, then its potential blockage. It is suggested to avoid using any kind of harmful chemical inside the drains because they can spread some bacteria inside the house. 
It is important to detect these signs and call a professional to treat the blocking immediately in order to prevent breaking of the pipes caused by increasing pressure of the blockage on the walls of the pipe. Since this damage can prove to be highly expensive, hire a professional drain cleaning service as soon as you detect a fault.

Things to Look for In a Drain Cleaning Professional

1. License and Insurance
The primary factor is that the professional you hire must be equipped with the required paperwork and regulations such as license and insurance to perform these services. While the license would ensure that they have passed the required test and know how to perform the job, the insurance would cover any expenses on injury caused while performing the job.

2. Latest Equipment 
It is then important that the professional has the required tools and equipment to detect as well as treat the concerned drainage problem. Tools such as drain camera and other treatment equipment would ensure quick and optimal blockage removal process.
Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning
3. Experience 
This is important as while a professional would treat the problem quickly and efficiently, a novice may cause further damage during the treatment process, thus leading to additional expenses on repair. An expert would also not only clear the drain pipe but would also clean it if required by removing any grease or other pollutants.
You may search online for references about the recommended drain cleaning companies around your area and choose one after comparing the prices, additional charges, turnaround time, and other such factors. You may also check for the reviews provided by the previous customers of such companies on their websites to ensure reliable service.