When it comes to styling and designing your bathroom, the mirror plays a significant role. A mirror can play a crucial role in transforming the look of the place. A well-chosen bathroom mirror greatly impacts the functionality and design of your bathroom.

However, with the growth of advancement in home improvement projects, there are various types and designs of bathroom mirrors launched in the market every year. Whether you wish to opt for minimalistic décor or contemporary design, you need to choose the right kind of mirror to enhance your bathroom’s overall appeal.

bathroom mirror

Here, we have gathered a few tips that every homeowner should keep in mind while choosing the right type of bathroom mirror.

  • Style of Mirror: When you go on a hunting spree for a bathroom mirror, you will come across different options. Some famous bathroom mirrors that dominate the market right now are frameless, oval-shaped mirrors, mirrors with vanity cabinets, suspended mirrors, or simple basic shaped mirrors. All these mirrors are available in pre-fab sizes, or you can order for custom size also according to your bathroom requirement.
  • Decide the size of the mirror: While purchasing a mirror for your bathroom size of the mirror is important. Size should be optimal, neither too large nor too small and should be in right proportion with the rest of your bathroom. So, it is suggested to measure your bathroom precisely to avoid any errors later. You also need to decide whether you want to install mirror on entire wall behind the vanity cabinet or in some specific area. Accordingly, you need to select the size.
  • How will you use the mirror?: This is a really important factor while choosing the right kind of bathroom mirror. No matter what type of mirror you opt for, it should serve you functionally and fulfil the purpose of installing it. For this, you need to determine how you are going to make use of it. If you are going to dress up in front of the mirror, then go for a full-size mirror; if your bathroom has dim lighting, then you should look for a mirror with LED lights.
  • Consider cleaning and maintenance part: Once you have decided the mirror’s type and size, the next important thing you must consider is cleaning and maintaining the mirror. Mirrors need to be regularly cleaned and maintained well to enhance the curb appeal of the space. If they are dirty or spotty, they will reduce the elegance of your bathroom. For instance, if you have chosen some unique shape with intricate details, it will take time and effort in cleaning; while simple, minimalistic mirrors can be cleaned in no time.
  • Consider lighting aspects also: Lighting plays an important role in redefining your bathroom’s look, and when placed rightly around bathroom mirror, it amps up the look of the mirror and your bathroom. It is recommended to find that lighting that would enhance your bathroom mirror’s beauty and blends well with the overall décor of the space. Prefer to choose a mirror whose size is 60 to 70% of your vanity cabinet, so that you get enough of space to install lighting fixtures around the mirror to accentuate the overall beauty of your bathroom.
  • Search on web: Finally, searching on the web for some latest designs of the bathroom mirror is highly recommended. You might find what you are looking for. Save those pictures and ask the contractor to provide you with the same, else get it custom made.

These were some of the basic tips that every homeowner going for a bathroom renovation or re-styling the bathroom mirror should keep in mind. These are 100% practical tips that will come handy while hunting for the right kind of mirror for your bathroom.