Our homes are special to use for many different reasons. A place where we get to spend time with our families and friends.

Also, it’s the place that is witness to events in your life good and bad. Nostalgic to say the least.

So, why shouldn’t we do our best to deck it up in the best possible way? Because that will be more of an emotional investment than anything. And you can’t judge it with the price it can have.
Home Decor Lights and Lamps
Home Decor Lights and Lamps
Beyond what your home speaks to you, is what your home speaks about you. This is also a very important factor that has led to the grand success of the home decor industry. Where people can have all the means necessary to design the home of their dreams.

A big one among the different component sections of home decor is the lighting. As it arguably has the most impact on the theme that you’re trying to present.

How Good Lighting can make your Home that much more Beautiful?

Like I said, about how much of an impact good lighting can have on your home decor results.

You must be wondering how much can that have an effect and in what way. Well, the impact can be significant and you can get to it in many different ways. Let’s get into that here.

The most fundamental logic for deciding what kind of lighting will go where is the idea of complement. Just like it works for deciding which color to paint on the walls of a room. It should be in accordance with what you’ll use the room for.

Let’s talk examples now.

First, it’s the living room, where you might spend a lot of time throughout the day. As such more vibrant lighting will be the way to go for that. That will bring in a whole new degree of aliveness into the backdrop.

Also, it’s not always the lights themselves that is going to make the real difference. What kind of implement you’d be using in which room and where you position it. All these things will matter and you’ll have to take that into consideration.

Basically, there’ll be a lot of different variables that you’ll have to consider. And all of that will vary depending on the case at hand and your preferences. Only through that, you’ll be able to get the best lighting arrangement possible for your home.

6 Classy Lighting Ideas for your Next Home Decor Run: The 2019 Edition

Home decor is a form of art, and thus possesses a high degree of subjectivity. What one might like can be something another will scoff at.

But there are quite a few among these that most, if not all home decor enthusiasts come to like.

These are the ones that become the fashion, the trends. And thus, you’ll find these or other iterations of these in different homes.

This is, as usual, the case for the lighting part of home decor. And in 2019, we have pretty neat designs that we can incorporate into our home decor. I’ve listed 6 of the coolest home lighting design trends here.

You can directly apply these designs for your home lighting. Or take inspiration to come up with something new.

Accent Lighting – Subtle Light for a not so Subtle Effect

This kind of lighting has always been popular in homes around the country. And it’s for good reason as not only is it pretty cost-efficient. But also it can add a whole new vibe to your home.

If you already have lighting arrangements in your home that you like. But still, you think that something more would have been better. Then, Accent Lighting will be the way to go, as it can add that extra detail to get your interiors that elegant highlight.

Other than that, you might be someone who likes to collect and put on display cool pieces of artwork. That could be anything from paintings to sculptures and also custom map artworks, which are quite popular nowadays.

And what better way to draw attention to it than use such Accent Lighting designs around it. That can very well be the top center of attraction in your room.

Other than that, if you’re planning on redoing the lighting of your home.

And if you go for this, then you’ll be able to set an entire theme with Accent Lighting. Those designs are absolutely fantastic.

LED Integrated Lighting Fixtures –  Get More from your Lights

Integrated LEDs have been the perfect solution for the problem of lighting fixtures.

First of all, even to this day, a lighting fixture is one of the most sought after pieces of decor. But it had problems to it that made such things quite burdensome.

But LEDs were commercially available, lighting fixtures have gotten a serious revivification. There are a lot of brilliant lighting fixtures available, that you can now get for your home.

Now, you can have bright lights from fixtures with LEDs in them. Thus, both the functionality, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the thing, has become top notch.
That is absolutely rocking in the interior decor community this year. And thus if you want to get the best deals for such LED fixtures, then this is going to be just the year for that.

A good deal, in this case, is much less from the economic perspective than the design one.

With more and more people adopting LED fixtures for their household lightings. You’ll get to take your pick from a plethora of different LED fixture designs. These can come in any shape or size that you might want them in.

A great example of this would be an LED mount ceiling fan. Where with just one fixture of the ceiling fan, the light will be there with it. Thus, you save quite some space in this unorthodox way.

Go Retro with Edison Bulbs

Nothing like going vintage with antique light bulbs to deck up your living space with. But these so-called antique bulbs are anything but antique.

If you’re the type of person who prefers old school retro designs, then these kinds of lighting will be ideal. And such kinds of light bulbs can be the solution for more than just lighting. It is because of the vintage design that these have.
Now, you can use these in a lot of different ways.

The most common among that is to incorporate these within the backdrop of a theme. So, for this, you might need to overhaul your home interiors. That way you can be the most effective with the retro style.

But that’s not all. Working this from the bottom up isn’t a prerequisite for getting the best out of these.

For example, if you happen to prefer an industrial-style interior, then all you need to do is install the Edison bulbs in the right places. That will do fine for adding that extra mystique to the backdrop.

But, keep in mind that these bulbs aren’t the most savings friendly.

Clean and Compact Lighting for the Modern Home

A well put together lighting arrangement that does a great job of lighting the backdrop is basic.

This will never go out of fashion, and as such, this is also going to be the case in 2019. You’ll get to see a lot of lighting arrangements that will be pretty compact. But at the same time, will be very bright and economic.

LED lighting makes this very easy to achieve. And as such, this year we’re going to have a lot of these kinds of lights in homes.

With the boom in the housing industry productions, most designers are going to go for such lighting.

It’s because these are the most neutral when it comes to the design. If it works for you, good, otherwise change it up. And if you don’t, then get new ones as per your preferences.

The beauty of this will be in the simplicity of function and design. Because to be honest, intricate patterns won’t be a proper fit for a lot of modern homes. And thus, might look and feel like you’ve forcefully tried to fit it in.

For those kinds of homes, the best fit will be simple and ergonomic geometric designs. That would not only take less space but will light the place up better with the LEDs.

Organic Lighting Fixtures for that Rustic Feel

Another very important trend that has been gathering steam in 2019 is a country like approach. More and more people are going for lighting fixtures made up of wicker and other hand made techniques.

These kinds of implements act well as the designer bases for the particular lighting arrangements.

Especially for the fact that most of these are going to be hand-made. It’ll bring that extra charm to your home interiors. And like a lot of the other lighting designs, you can either have one or two of these around. Or go full board by implementing all of it within the theme of the decor.

The various materials include things like bamboo, wicker, terracotta, etc.

And if you just go and check out all that is available, then it’ll be much easier for you to get an idea regarding the real-life applications of these.

Also, you can customize these to the needs of your interiors, giving you that much flexibility. And because of LED lights and all the good things that come along with that. A lot of quirky, ‘out of the box’ designs are now possible.

But you can go really rustic by using light bulbs in these. As an example, think of a halogen bulb table lamp with wicker shade on top of it in your living room.

An ideal fixture for all those times you’d be sitting there with a pensive mood.

Soft Golden Light – A Regal Touch

This is something that can be so subtle, yet so beautiful. And recently, more and more people have been gravitating towards such soft lighting. Not only in golden color, but in other colors as well.

The best quality that this kind of lighting has, for which this is getting so popular. It’s definitely the ease with which it lights up the background.

Generally, with normal kinds of lights, it gets rather harsh on the eyes with the level of brightness that it puts out. But that is exactly the problem that such soft lights solve, doesn’t matter what color of light it is.

But one thing about soft lights is that you’ll have to use this by itself, not with any lighting fixture.

Because in that way that this works, with translucent glass or fiber bodies. The intensity will be relatively lower than the normal. So, any fixture on top of that might look good, but won’t emit the light that good.

A new color that has become rather popular is ‘Greige’. Which is what you get when you put together Grey and Beige. The best part of such a color is the smooth fit that it gets in a soft light fixture.

But there’s another cool possibility with this as well. And that is using soft red light to light up your room, at the times after sunset.

Since, if we can eliminate blue light after sunset, our body would be able to properly secrete melatonin. This hormone induces sleep and so you’ll have a lot less difficulty falling asleep when night time comes.

Wrapping Things Up

As you’ve seen that 2019 brings a lot of cool things when it comes to lighting decor. And you’ll have all that you’ll need right up front so that you can get the interior lighting of your dreams.

What you’ll need is a touch of creativity and that will be it.

And on the economic side of things, no matter how many lights you want to use. You’ll be able to do that without a severe spike in your electricity payments.

LED light panels to make that possible, especially if you know which ones to buy. And more than that, due to the ergonomic designs of these lights, you can get cool lighting fixtures as well. That in and of itself open up opportunities for creativity.

So, if you like to light up your home in interesting ways. The year 2019 is going to be a great year for you.